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Located in the Center Building in Downtown Alpena, Michigan                                  Return to Home Page



Photography and Digital Media


Pottery and Sculpture


Chuck Bennett
Tom/Lorraine Bennett
Thane Whitscell
Beverly Wolff
Tom Haxby
Annette Eastwood
Ana Villaneuva
Mary Alice Comar



Sam Machulis  - Ceramics
Amy Manning - Ceramics
Donna O'Neil - Pottery
Jerry Sirk - Pottery
Michael Kahn - Ceramic & Drawings





Elaine Larson - Watercolor
Anne Murphy Shaaf-Oils
Noel Skiba - Oils/ Watercolo
Ann Gildner - Painting, Collage
Mary Ann Southworth - Acrylic & Oils


Jewelry, Glass and Textile


Woodturning and Carving


Lynn Freitag-felt pictures/acessories
Jennifer McWilliams - Jewelry
Kristin Stewart - Jewelry
Beth Jones - Sterling Silver Jewelry
Jan Herring - Jewelry
Donna O'Neil - Jewelry
Patrick LeBlanc - Glass
Peggy Matuzak - Glass
Durenda Pake - Knitting & Felting
Rita Wilburg - Jewelry
Margaret DiNegro - Textiles & Paper
Cheryl Lemke - Jewelry
Jo Baarlaer - Baskets



Mike McConnell - Woodturning